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GaL #53 - The Great Father of Sardinia (aka Martin Mystère n. 80bis)

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystère) presents The Great Father of Sardinia (also known as Martin Mystère n. 80bis) in English.

For the first time: a 17-pages long comic (plus cover and character studies) illustrated exclusively by only one awesome artist!

The Great Mother is no more. The Giants of Mont'e Prama have been lying shattered for centuries. Who is left to protect the island and its inhabitants-- descendants of the Atlantean survivors-- from the assaults of Mu's automated armies?
The Timeless War ended with the destruction of Unit 112, first known as Robinson, and then revealed to be the true identity of Captain Nemo.
But is it really over, finished?

From the depths of the Mediterranean sea, another outfit of Mu's automated army rises: in addition to the merely-technological Android Unit, there had to be also Units with a mystic-esoteric nature, able to control elements. And what sort of danger will pose the enigmatic Viriditas?

Without Martin Mystère around, solving the mystery and saving the island falls to two old acquaintances: after facing The Giants of Mont'e Prama, this time Salvo and Sabina must address the very protector numen from the pre-nuraghic age-- the Sardus Pater. But what sacrifice will this Hunter God demand?

Art by Joel Sousa.
English edits by Joe Teanby.
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.

Want more? Here is the Get a Life! episode index.

In this issue: La donna immortale (Martin Mystère nn. 79-80), The Pyramids' Other Secret, Rapa Nui! (Martin Mystère nn. 42-43), La vera storia del capitano Nemo (Martin Mystère nn. 69-70-71), Il mistero del nuraghe (Martin Mystère nn. 34-35), Saint Seiya, Sulcis, roman temple of di Antas, grottoes of Su Mannau, roman limestone quarries in Antas, Fluminimaggiore, Sassari, Centro Archeologico di Restauro e Conservazione di Sassari, Ptolemy, Pausania, alchemy, Hercules, Heracles, Gods of Olympus, P'wyll, Roncisvalle (Martin Mystère nn. 94-95-96), the ziggurat of Monte d'Accoddi, squadrone Carabinieri Cacciatori "Sardegna".

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