mercoledì 26 marzo 2014

GaL #27 - Seventeen Faces of Darkness (1)

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystère) presents Seventeen Faces of Darkness (part 1) in English.

The end of everything begins here, as the biggest story arc ever (which started with The Secret of the Crystal Skull) reaches its conclusion!
And this time there's almost everyone! Angie Dark, Java, Diana Lombard, Travis Travis, Sergej Orloff, Kut Humi: when the Hidden Great Manipulator is revealed, all of them will have to face their most fearful opponent!
Will Martin be able to handle this Infinity Crisis, unleashing a Secret Doppelganger War that not even the Elohim could contain?

For the first time: art by Darko Bogdanov.
English edits by Zac DeBoard
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.

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