venerdì 20 marzo 2020

Get a Life #56: Three Travis vs. Tra 3vis (aka Martin Mystère #327 bis)

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystère) does NOT present episode #56, Three Travis vs. Tra 3vis (aka Martin Mystère #327 bis) in English.

It had to happen, sooner or later: The Great Mysteries of Double Tee, the Impossible Dectective are back, with a vengeance.

Once again, Inspector Travis A. Travis solves three classic cases before Martin Mystère does the same in his official books-- too bad, that, as usual, the petty ignoramus Travis is quite careful not to let Martin know anything that could spare him some troubles!

In seven pages, Double T disassembles more official issues than you can shake a stick at!

Check it out, as he spanks the omniscient brat Jaspar, takes control of the Universal Databank, faces the fateful Doctor who destroyed the Fabulous Quartet, kills an abstract entity, eats a whole chocolate box, checks Diana Lombard's lady parts, betrays Algernon Mabus, has erotic nightmares about Chris Towers, fancies one inspector Margaret, and finally finds the meaning of his own life in a chocolate wrapper quote!

Oh, yes, and he also rebuilds continuity after the official writers made it go south!

Cover by Gianmarco Lizzio.

Story and lettering by Franco Villa.
Edits by Luca Salvadei.

1. An Enigma Called "A" 
(first published in Corriere del Mystero 2019, produced by AMys in the last months of 2018)

Art, lettering and edits by Gianluca Mattossovich

2. Destiny of a Truck Driver

3. Suddenly-- a Chocolate Box

Art by Heitor Fraga

This issue features: Corriere del Mystero 2019, Un enigma di nome Jaspar (Martin Mystere #77-78-79), L'uomo programmato (Martin Mystere #123-124) , Il ritorno di Jaspar (Martin Mystere #139 bis), Le dieci tribù (Martin Mystère #350) , Il paradosso del libero arbitrio (Get a Life! #32), Life In Prism (Get a Life! #52) , Incubo nei cieli (Get a Life! #11), Future Conditional (Get a Life! #55), That Which Is Not Dead (Get a Life! #13, 26, 30, 31) , Algernon Mabus, Diana Lombard, Margaret, Universal Databank, cumbo, dreamworld, destiny, free will, d'improvviso una notte, l'orizzonte degli eventi.

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