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GaL #12 - The Spider That Was Drawn from the Hollow Earth (3)

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystère) presents The Spider That Was Drawn from the Hollow Earth (3) in English.

It's time to chronicle the never-revealed before history of the Hollow Earth!

How did its different tribes and civilizations come to be? Why are some of them technologically advanced, while others are steampunk societies led by a medieval aristocracy? Why the different influences from North Europe and Japan? And how does the Third Reich of the Nazis fit in all this?

As Torn plunges into a sea of visions from his future and our past, the armageddon of the weapon that destroyed Atlantis and Mu is revealed! And the fate of the Fire Spiders hangs in the balance: are they the gods who will bring fire to Earth's primitive cultures, or the architects of the end of the world?

Last but not least: Martin Mystère, Diana Lombard and Java still have a role to play in saving the Hollow Earth from the Nazi nuclear holocaust-- and the Ebdecahedron holds the answers to this mystery!

Story & lettering by Franco Villa.

Want more? Here is the Get a Life! episode index.

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