venerdì 20 settembre 2013

GaL #19 and #21 - Jonathan Swift's Secret Travels

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystère) presents the collected edition of Jonathan Swift's Secret Travels in English.
A youngster with weird psi-powers enters Martin Mystère's house...just in time to save him from the attack of a prickly White Horse with telepathic powers!
But wait, is this savior a familiar figure? An historical figure? But Martin learned the truth years ago: Jonathan Swift was an alien subversive, exiled on Earth for his crimes of free-thinking. And yet, Jonathan Swift is a well known historical figure, with proofs of his life in our world.
Where is the truth here? And how is that related to the Ottosdal Spheres? Martin will find all the answers, just in time to realize that something big looms at the horizon!

This episode features a cover by Elisa, with a coloring style that is different from the previously released Italian version..

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