venerdì 18 novembre 2016

GaL #47 - The Pyramids' Other Secret (1)

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystère) presents The Pyramids' Other Secret (1) in English.

Egypt, land of Pyramids, of long-vanished rivers such as the Yellow Nile, of mysteries that date even before the TechnoPharaos from the age of Atlantis and Mu-- is nowadays a casket whose wonders are under the watch of the Men In Black, who have control of the Egyptian Museum as well as other fortresses of ancient history.
But what happens if the threat of the Charred Men, which the mystical Z Stone pointed out since last issue, moves from California to Egypt itself?
What legacy from this country holds the potential to bring the Wasteland?
And who is the mysterious Z-Biker who can cross the Ley Barriers of the secret district in the middle of Cairo City? That is what the three young pupils of Martin Mystère, Diego, Elena, and newcomer Erik, will have to find out.

Art by Joel Sousa. Cover by Gianmarco Lizzio.
Bonus by N.K.
English edits by Joe Teanby.
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.

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