sabato 13 giugno 2015

GaL #39-40 - Antarctica: Zero Hour

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystère) presents the double-sized Antarctica: Zero Hour in English.

The end of Atlantis and Mu, caused by the satellite which went berserk for reasons known to us, hides more unthinkable secrets, nestled in an Anctartica scientific citadel that millenia later will become the target of the Nazist empire. The origin of the Double Theory of Everything, Zero Point Energy, the connecting hub of parallel realities, the Longitude Zero of the Universe in an Infinite Crisis that could spell much more than just the end of makind.
Plus: how many Ultimate Weapons were actually built 10 millennia ago?

English edits by Simon Reeves
Story & lettering by Franco Villa.

Want more? Here is the Get a Life! episode index.

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