lunedì 5 novembre 2012

Get A Life! #3: "Revenge of the Chandelier"

Get A Life (the fancomic miniseries NOT presented by Martin Mystére) presents Revenge of the Chandelier in English.
Martin Mystére's nosy neighbours, the Morgans, haven't always been the Morgans: in their first appearance, they were the Jones(es)!
Was this a simply mistake of the writers? Possibly... but this is the series of the Detective Of The Impossible, not Nurse by Night! Things NEVER are what they seem!
There is ALWAYS a mystery behind everything, one just need to find it: join us in this quest, that will feature Atlantean Androids, Kabbalists from Prague, Third Eyes, secret artefacts of power and the 1980s mythology!

Art and English edits by Seb.
Story and lettering by Franco Villa.
Edits by Luca Salvadei.

Get A Life! in English is also:
1. The Secret of the Crystal Skull
2. The Face of Orloff
3. Revenge of the Chandelier
8. Extended Family Business

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